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Damp Proofing Blackpool Specialists. Damp and Remedial Sevices throughout Blackpool, the Fylde Coast, Preston and Lancashire. We remedy Rising Damp, Dry and Wet Rot Treatment, Mould, Causes of Damp in Homes and provide a complete cost effective Basement Conversion Service.

Our 6 Teams of experienced and qualified experts are out and about every day of the week performing work on damp and related issues.

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Damp Problems

Damp in buildings is a common issue which can lead to serious problems such as structural weakening of timber and brickwork , dry rot, wet rot, and more. Damp problems are always best treated quickly and effectively to save the future costs of trying to fix a more serious issue.

Causes Of Damp

Damp can be caused by a variety of issues such as a faulty or missing damp course, condensation, water leaks, drainage faults, faulty brickwork or plasterwork.

As there are many possible causes of damp it is vital to have your damp issue checked by a qualified team such as Fylde Damp Proofing. Our local knowledge makes us best-placed to quickly identify the cause of damp and propose a solution.

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Call us on 01253 921006 for a FREE no-obligation damp survey of your home or property. We work closely with all leading insurance companies and are fully qualified property care experts.

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Quality Damp Proofing Blackpool

Our Damp Proofing Blackpool service is based on honesty, thorough investigation and correct diagnosis. This formula is what brings success. We will not advise to start the removal of plaster and creating upheaval if it is not absolutely necessary.

With 20 years of experience, our surveyors are amongst the best in the business and aim to provide you with the service you and your home deserves.

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Damp Proofing Solutions FAQs

Why you must consult local damp proofing experts?

Damp is a serious problem, especially for homeowners. While some people are lucky enough to live in damp-free houses, others are not so fortunate. In order to keep their homes safe from mold and decay, these unlucky individuals need to consult any best services that follow government-endorsed standards for professional advice. If you find yourself dealing with moisture issues or having been told that your home needs a full survey then you should make sure that you get in touch with local specialists as soon as possible.

These companies are usually very well qualified when it comes to dealing with any kind of damp problems and will be able to offer advice as well as solutions for eliminating excess moisture from your property.

Is rising damp a serious issue?

Rising damp is a condition that occurs when groundwater is able to pass through walls and floors by following old pipes or timber. If you discover rising dampness in your home, it’s important to act quickly. It’s not just an aesthetic problem: damage can be extensive if left unchecked, costing you serious money in repairs. The good news is that rising damp can be treated effectively with the applied chemical damp proof course which prevents the further rise of groundwater. A damp proof course (DPC) is a material installed to stop rising damp or groundwater.

Is penetrating damp easy to fix without an expert?

Penetrating damp is easy to spot, as it will show up on walls as black spots where mold has formed. While it can be tempting to tackle your own DIY damp problem, penetrating damp can be hard to fix without an expert; you need professionals who know how best to treat your home and block off any water source in order to stop any further damage. If you’re concerned about a damp patch appearing in your home or commercial property.

Are damp control and condensation control the same?

It’s important to understand that condensation control and damp control are two separate things. Condensation is caused by warm air coming into contact with cold surfaces, creating vapor pressure which forms condensation on windows and walls. It may look damp, but it’s not – condensation is water vapor in its gaseous state. Damp, as opposed to condensation, occurs when there’s an excess of water present in an enclosed space.

How much does it cost to damp proof a wall in Blackpool, UK?

The cost of dampproofing walls in interior walls can vary widely amongst different areas. In an entire house, the cost could rise to thousands of pounds.

That is out and about every day of the week performing work on damp and related issues.

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